Your Relationship Start Page

Welcome to The Earth Moved, LLC!  I’m the creator of the Affirmative Intimacy® approach to building happy, satisfying and enduring relationships. Millions suffer through common relationship concerns. I offer relationship advice and support to help you break the patterns of thinking and acting that may have kept you from having the relationship you desire – and deserve!

Consider these frequent relationship “trouble spots”:

  • Desire, Intimacy & Sex – I can help you learn how to talk about it, how to hear your partner about it, and with time, take concerns about these matters off center stage in your relationship.
  • Money – I can help you get behind surface conflict around money (and other symbolic issues – kids, in-laws, etc.) and make progress resolving the underlying real issues.
  • Communication (Poor or None) – I can teach you what you need to know about effective communication.
  • Trust – Trust springs from intimacy, and intimacy is impossible without trust; I can help you be trustworthy because it’s safe in your relationship to be open and transparent rather than closed and concealing.
  • Jealousy/Insecurity/Control – I can help you overcome painful jealousy and insecurity issues and uproot the mental state that leads to the need for control.
  • Incompatibility of Attitudes/Beliefs/Feelings – If you can’t communicate freely about the “hot button” issues, they just fester and poison your relationship. I can both help your communication and improve your skill at deciding what’s really important (and therefore worth worrying about) and what’s not.
  • Caring/Support “Gap” or Imbalance – This is a common concern among those who don’t have a healthy sense of self and who over-rely on their relationships to make them whole. I can help you stop that kind of negativity and unclear thinking cold, and develop a healthier approach to enjoying mutual support – without surrendering who you are as an individual.

If any of these concerns sound depressingly familiar to you, our coaching, workshop courses, or educational materials may be just what you need!

Take that first step today by getting our free e-book, What’s Wrong With Our Relationships? and begin your journey to a better, more satisfying and fulfilling relationship!